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Walking in Circles

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This is a song written out of desperation: I needed some "material" and so decided to write about my daily walk down the hill to the Ithaca Commons (more or less) and then back up the hill. The images in the video that I shot to document the walk became the subject of the song, albeit with a bit of poetic license intended to draw some larger meaning from the experience.

Walking in Circles
Words and music © Jonathan Ochshorn 2021

Verse 1
The path I take is circular
Where I start is where I end
Down the hill and up again
It's my religion as it were
A morning walk to start each day
Try to keep the wolves at bay

Verse 2
I walk along a deep ravine
Houses perched up in the air
Like Slinkys® poised upon a stair
A glimpse of nature in between
But someone's digging down below
A sign of who we are and where we go

I'm walking in circles
Not because I'm bound to roam
I'm walking in circles
Just to get back home

Verse 3
What do these figures represent
Creatures lurking in the woods
Not found in other neighborhoods
I pass a place that I used to rent
Way back in nineteen seventy-three
When it was just Andy, Bill, and me

And we were walking in circles
Not because we're bound to roam
We were walking in circles
Just to get back home

Instrumental break

Verse 4
King and State still coexist
Thus we learn from history
Of a constant struggle to be free
Warmer times are sorely missed
As forms emerge out of the snow
And ducks decide where they should go

I believe they're walking in circles
Not because they're bound to roam
They're walking in circles
Just to get back home

Production notes:
Music arranged and produced by J. Ochshorn
Recorded with Logic Pro X software
Vocals: J. Ochshorn
Software instruments played live on midi keyboard: J. Ochshorn (piano, bass, drums)
Real instruments: J. Ochshorn (guitar, harmonica)
Recorded at home in Ithaca, NY, January 2021.