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Appeal of Building code violations in Cornell's Fine Arts Library

Jonathan Ochshorn


Based on information contained in Drawings LSP-100 – LSP-103 prepared by STV Architects, dated Feb. 14, 2018, and an Atrium Smoke Control Report prepared by GHD, Inc., dated August 2017, I am appealing determinations by the City of Ithaca Building Division and the New York State Division of Building Standards and Codes (DBSC) Oversight Unit concerning the compliance of the Fine Arts Library in Rand Hall at Cornell University with the 2015 New York State Building Code.

Don't like PDFs? An earlier and similar web (html) version of my Code complaint from 2019 can be found here.

[Updated Nov. 23, 2020] I've added an Appendix (see below) that includes, and comments on, the architect's response to my appeal application.

rand, sibley, and milstein halls at Cornell University

My appeal application to the DBSC, subject to further modification based on feedback I may (or may not) receive, is as follows: